Mind of Mindd (Intro) (stylized as MiNd Of MiNdd (Intro)) is a song by Zayn Malik. It appears as the opening track on his first studio album Mind of Mine.

Lyrically, the title track acts as "a fly-in introduction and a warm welcome to Malik’s mind.[1]


The title track involves Malik's voice warbling plaintively through a fog of effects,[2] with his voice drenched in reverb and backed by a piano, and it has some Bollywood music elements.[3] The track was released on March 25, 2016, along with the album. Zayn explained the title, saying: "It's really reflective of the whole experience that I want to give the listener. I wanted it to be almost like a brainstorm. It's just music and it's just whatever you're feeling at that moment in time."


Now I'm on the edge
I can't find my way
It's inside of my mind of mine

Open up and see what's inside of my,
My mind

Open up and see what's inside of my,
My mind

Complex Cover Shoot

"Mind of Mindd" was heard a few days prior to the release of the album in the behind the scenes video for Zayn’s Complex cover shoot.

Zayn Behind The Scenes - Complex Cover Shoot

Zayn Behind The Scenes - Complex Cover Shoot


As described by International Business Times (IBT), "Mind Of Mine has a strong opening –despite lasting 23 seconds– with the well-produced glittery intro Mind Of Mindd before seamlessly transitioning into the lead single "Pillowtalk""[4]DigitalSpy described it as that "It comes with swirly electronics and echoed vocals, setting the collection up as a spacious chasm containing Zayn's inner thoughts.[5]